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Good Samaritans Bring Air Conditioning to Those Who Need It

older air conditioner using r22 freon

Air conditioning is a fundamental good. It brings joy, and relief, and great comfort. 

We provide air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, but those of us who work in the field of air conditioning are related. We all serve a similar purpose.  

Recently, in Annapolis, Maryland, a man named DaJuan Gay stepped up and did something marvelous for his neighbors. His “cool campaign” used crowdfunding to pay for air-conditioners for Maryland’s needy.

The 20-year-old Gay, who is also a City Council candidate, used Facebook to generate more than $5,000 in donations. The money is enough to purchase 25 free-standing air conditioning units for some of Annapolis’s less fortunate residents. 

70% of the City of Annapolis’s Housing Authority apartments have central AC, but that leaves thousands of residents who must endure Maryland’s sweltering summer months without any sort of air-conditioned relief. Triple-digit temperatures are common in that part of Maryland. 

The young, aspiring politician also distributed bags of ice and jugs of bottled water to some of these residents. 

Could a similar crowdfunding program succeed here in Cincinnati? 

The market for AC repair in Cincinnati is certainly busy and full, but there are undoubtedly many apartments and homes that lack central HVAC. Could a team of likeminded good Samaritans raise money to install new air-conditioning for Cincinnati’s less fortunate citizens? That remains to be seen. 

If you yourself need an air conditioner repaired in Cincinnati or the greater Tri-State region, please call 513.984.HEAT (4238) or fill out our contact form. The team at Pinnacle Air Solutions would be glad to talk with you about your home’s temperature-control situation, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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