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Cincinnati HVAC Service: Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Your home has ducts, and inevitably, those ducts start to leak over time. In the olden days – well, even ten years ago – people taped up leaks in their ducts, or plugged up their leaks with messy mastic.

Meet Aeroseal! It Saves You Money!

These days, Aeroseal is the way to go for sealing your ducts in Cincinnati. The newer Aeroseal process only takes about an hour, and it can reduce your leakage by up to 90%. Once those ducts are sealed tight, not only will you need to run your HVAC system less often, but when you first turn it on, you will feel the temperature change happen faster. Less time cranking the AC – and a less extreme thermostat level — can slash your energy usage. This improvement can reduce your total energy costs by up to 30%.

Are Some Rooms Warmer Or Colder Than Others?

If you have inconsistencies in your home temperature during the summer – some rooms are more difficult to cool off, while others are freezing by comparison – chances are good that your ducts are leaky. Getting a proper sealant job can even out these hot and cold spots dramatically, making it easier to enjoy every room of your house.

Your HVAC Can Affect Your Air Quality

Duct issues can negatively impact your indoor air quality (IAQ) and cause gross, musty smells in your Cincinnati home as well. If you have a lot of allergies and notice a great deal of dust in your air, ductwork leakage could be one of the culprits. Particularly as ducts age, they can grow mold, and those mold spores can spread throughout your home.

Aeroseal pinpoints tiny leaks in those ducts, and this process can work in both residential and commercial buildings of all kinds.

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