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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: Duct Sealing – Mind Your Ducts

Keeping your air conditioning system in full working order is key to maintaining comfort in your home, particularly in Cincinnati’s humid summers. Since the main passageway for air flow is your ducts, you want to pay attention to the condition of those ducts.

Seal Those Air Ducts

Leakage in your home’s ducts can make your AC system 20% to 40% less efficient, even if the AC unit itself is in proper working condition. The ducts may go outside of the cooled space – that is, away from the rooms which are impacted by the HVAC, and into your garage, through crawlspaces, or above the ceiling.

First and foremost, your ducts need to be well insulated, especially ones that go outside the main living area of the house, and may be exposed to the elements.

If you are able to access the ducts, you may be able to seal them with mastic, a white, adhesive gum that is made from the bark of a Mediterranean tree. Sealing your leaky ducts can increase the capacity of your air conditioning system dramatically.

Other duct leakage may go beyond what you can address on your own. Here in Cincinnati, the professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions are always available for consultations and inspections of your HVAC ducts. We offer AeroSeal duct sealing, a product that can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%!

Aside from the air flow passageways, the outdoor unit needs to be maintained as well. The large outdoor AC unit, the condenser, may get clogged with foliage, sticks, or other yard waste, which may limit the air flow it produces. Keeping the condenser clear of clogs helps maximize your AC efficiency as well.

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