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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: Replacing Your Filters

We take pride in being the best air conditioning company in Cincinnati, and there is a great deal we can do for you in our home visits. Truth be told, though, there is also a lot you can do for yourself. Let’s look at your AC filter, and see what you can do to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Clogged Air Conditioning Filter

If you have a clogged filter, or a dirty filter, that will block the normal airflow of your system. And if that flow is impaired, air will skip over the filter entirely, and carry dirt and other refuse from the air straight into the AC unit’s evaporator coil. As that coil becomes dirty, its ability to absorb heat – the crucial part of its job conditioning your air – becomes less and less.

You need the evaporator coil functioning with every scrap of efficient energy it can muster. That coil is what pulls heat out of the air to keep you cool. When you put a clean filter in the place of a clogged one, you reduce the amount of electricity required to run your air conditioning. The reduction in required electricity can be as much as 15%.

Replace That AC Filter!

So, if you haven’t replaced your air conditioning filter in the past month, do it soon. You can clean and reuse some filters, but many you need to replace. Filters are usually located somewhere along the length of the return duct, if you have central air. For a room air conditioner, your filter is in the grill that faces in toward the room.

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