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Cincinnati AC Tips: Getting a More Efficient AC System

We love our air conditioning in Cincinnati. Oh, how we cherish our cooled homes. As well we should! This town gets steamy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners in the US spend $11,000,000,000 ($11 billion) every year to power their cooling systems.

To ballpark estimate how much Cincinnati spends, let’s run the numbers. Greater Cincinnati is 2.1 million people; 68% of the 318 million people in the US have air conditioning. If we think that the 2.1 million Cincinnatians make up 1% of the 212 million air conditioned Americans, then that puts our collective Cincinnati AC energy bill at $110 million.

Lower Energy Costs With High Efficiency AC System

How can we lower our energy costs and still keep our homes cool enough to reach the autumn? One key way is by investing in a high-efficiency air conditioner. Your AC-related energy use can drop by 20%-50% (again, a U.S. Department of Energy statistic) if you switch to high-efficiency AC system.

Insulate Your Home

Something else you can do to lower your air conditioning’s impact on your electricity bill is to insulate your walls and attics. Re-sealing seams and cracks in your walls can keep warm air from seeping in, too. Sealing your ducts will help considerably as well. Good insulation on your ducts can reduce your power requirements by 20 percent, as leaky ducts can make you lose a lot of the cool air your air conditioner has created. Sealing your ducts with Aeroseal duct sealing is also a great way to keep cooling efficiency.

Programmable Thermostat

Another big help to keep money in your wallet? Set up a thermostat you can program. Having the air conditioning turn off when you do not need it can lower your electricity bill dramatically. Check out a special we are running now on the Housewise WiFi Thermostat!

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