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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: Insulation is Your Friend

When some people think insulation, they think about the winter. Insulate to keep warm air in, and snowy breezes away. Stuff your walls and seal them off to stave off those bursts of frosty chill.

And while that is all true, your insulation is just as necessary during the summer. If you have your attic, your ducts, any crawl spaces, and other parts of your home’s perimeter insulated well, that cool, air-conditioned air will stay in. Those blushes of sun-drenched, hot, sweltering air from the humid Cincinnati summer will stay outside.

Insulate Your Duct Work

Wrapping your ducts will help insulate them. There are many substances you can use, such as rigid foam, batt insulation, blown insulation, and spray insulation. Most batts are made of cotton (some are made from recycled blue jeans) or fiberglass, and they are made of lengthy fibers that interweave with sticky binders.

If you choose batts or rigid insulation, you can use foil tape – not duct tape – to seal it up. For wrapping up crawl spaces and other narrow passageways, reflective insulation or radiant barriers may be your best bet. Pinnacle Air Solutions offers an even better and easier way to seal your ducts, with Aeroseal, the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing air duct leaks on the market.

Installers can help apply blown insulation, as it requires a big machine outside the house to send insulation chunks through the hose. This blown insulation is most commonly made of fiberglass or cellulose, with the cellulose usually coming from recycled newspapers and the fiberglass often made from sand.

Spray insulation can be open cell or closed cell. The big advantage of using spray is that you change the boundary between your air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms. For example, if your attic is not air-conditioned but you would like to convert it into a bedroom, you can add the attic to the air-conditioned portion of your home.

When considering HVAC Replacement in Cincinnati, understanding your insulation situation can make a sizable improvement on your accommodations. For more information, contact the HVAC professionals at Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT (4328), or use the contact form below.

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