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Cincinnati AC Tips: Air Conditioner Inefficiency

While many air conditioning system problems can lower efficiency and increase your energy bill, one problem is the most frequent culprit. It is the evaporator coil which is housed in the system’s indoor unit, and it cools the indoor air as it flows over it. It works by drawing out the heat and moisture. This is the source of the cool air you want in the hot Cincinnati summer months.

The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is often the unrecognized worker in the cooling system. Its function is heat transfer which makes cooling more efficient during the warm months. It accomplishes this by absorbing heat from the indoor air that flows over it.

Change Your Air Filter!

A dirty evaporator coil lowers the overall performance of your air conditioning system. One cause of a dirty coil is a dirty air filter. A dirty filter also makes the system work harder, and it puts a strain on the motor causing it to fail faster. It uses more energy which results in a higher energy bill – and costs you more money!

Changing your home’s air filter frequently will help to keep the coil clean and working with more efficiency. Install a filter that will allow the air to pass through it freely while still catching the dirt and dust in the air.

Dirty Coil

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that household air will deposit dirt on the coil regardless, but the coil will stay cleaner longer. Keeping the area around the condenser coil clean will also help the coil do its work better. Seasonal AC Maintenance is a very good idea to keep your AC unit running efficiently.

Cleaning the coil is a job for the professional HVAC technicians of Pinnacle Air Solutions since the coils are easily damaged and a special cleaner is required to remove all of the material attracted to the coil. A coil inspection may be part of routine maintenance that you have at the beginning and end of the season.

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