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Replacing Your AC System? Here’s What To Consider

Replacing your AC system is a good idea if it is very old and if it needs frequent repairs to keep your home cool in the summer. After a while, all the costs associated with fixing your older unit, may have been saved and put towards a brand new, efficient unit. The AC systems on the market today are designed to be energy efficient and provide many years of trouble-free cooling.

Selecting the right AC system for your home is not as easy as choosing one in a display room or from an online site that promises every model to be just what you need. In fact the AC system you need can only be determined thorough evaluation of your home’s cooling requirements conducted by a trained and experienced HVAC professional – such as employed by Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati Ohio.

These are the factors that will use to recommend the appropriate AC system for your home:

Location of the Home On the Lot

The exposure of the home to the sun at various times during the day is an important consideration. A western exposure will mean the interior of the home will be warmer in the afternoon when the sun is creating the most heat.

Number and Location of Shade Trees

Trees can help to cool the home if they are in the position to provide shade.

Quality of the Home’s Insulation

A poorly insulated home will require more cooling.

Quality of the Windows

The newer windows can reflect the heat better, and means it will require less energy to cool the home.


The type of siding will be significant since the siding can also be a factor in the energy required to cool the home.

The Quality of the Duct Work

If the ducts have leaks, then the AC system will have to work harder to get cool air to all of the rooms. The air flow that reaches the vent farthest from the unit should be measured to determine the effectiveness of the duct work.

The Bottom Line of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning professionals use the “Manual J” calculations to develop an accurate assessment of the size you will need to efficiently cool your home. Keep in mind that a unit that is too small is just as bad as a unit that is too large.

Cincinnati AC Specialists

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