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Cincinnati Storms And How It Affects Your HVAC

storms affecting a home's hvac

Here in Cincinnati, we always need to be on the lookout for storms. Tornadoes are a common occurrence in the Ohio River valley, and they can sweep through the Tri-State with relatively little warning.

In elementary school, we learned how to protect ourselves: by going to the basement and crouching on the ground, next to the wall, with our heads covered. But what havoc can such a storm wreak on our heating and air conditioning systems?

Hail Damage

When your exterior HVAC hardware is pelted with hail, it can do significant damage. Your unit may be dented and pockmarked from an intense round of hard rain. Those little hail stones come down with a great deal of velocity, and despite their small size, can have a dramatic impact. We can set up shields for you that will keep your HVAC unit operational, if it is an area in which it is exposed to direct hail contact.


Flooding can come with these storms as well, and these flash floods can cause outdoor units to become mucked up with mud. Such flooding can have a dramatic impact on your whole home’s structure, and the HVAC is just one of the places that can be hit the hardest.


If lightning strikes your home during a tornado, it can blow out anything that is plugged in – including the electronics that power your HVAC unit and thermostats. One large power surge can take out your whole HVAC system, so it is something to watch out for, if a large storm makes its way through southern Ohio.

Cincinnati HVAC After A Storm

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