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What Gets Replaced During An AC installation Process

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Replacing your home’s existing air conditioning system is likely to require a completely new installation. This is surely the case if your system was built before systems were manufactured with a Seasonal Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 13. The Federal Government has mandated that all systems now have a SEER rating of at least 13. The Pinnacle Air Solutions technicians can tell you if your Cincinnati area home’s AC system’s SEER rating is below 13.

If the SEER rating is not an issue, then the question is whether your current system cools efficiently. If it does not adequately meet your cooling needs, then it is time to install a new system with all new components. The technicians at Pinnacle Air Solutions can review your home’s cooling requirements and recommend the appropriate size air conditioning system. This may result in a recommendation for a completely new system installation.

The parts that are replaced during a new air conditioning system installation include the components mounted outside the home. The outside condenser fan, compressor and condenser coils will be replaced. The parts that are mounted in the furnace are the condenser coils and the fan that distributes the cool air throughout the home.

Some parts that mounted in the furnace may be usable. However, when installing a new air conditioning system, it is advisable to replace every part involved in the system. Most parts in an older system are not functioning at their peak level of efficiency. Installing a partially new system will only serve to prevent the system from doing the job you want it to do.

Older parts that were not replaced may fail because the new system will place stress on these parts.

The best answer to the question about which parts will be replaced in a new installation can be provided by the Cincinnati HVAC experts at Pinnacle Air Solutions. They can review your current system and tell you what parts will need to be replaced. Call today!

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