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Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

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Cincinnati can get chilly – like right now! Of course you know this. And this why any Cincinnati home needs some kind of heating system to keep your family comfortable – it’s why knowing a reputable HVAC company in Cincinnati is SO important.

But what about your pets? Cats and dogs can be especially susceptible to rapid changes in temperature, and there are some steps you can take to ensure that your furry companions are healthier and more comfortable through the winter months.

Covering Your Pets

You can help keep your dog’s coat healthy by bumping up the fat and protein in her diet. Having that coat be thick and healthy will help some, but giving your dog an actual sweater or “dog coat” can be helpful too. Leave your dog’s head uncovered, though. And if it’s so cold that you feel a hat would be necessary, then your dog should probably not spend much time outdoors anyhow.

Even though we think of St. Bernards delivering medical supplies in the snow, and sled dogs trekking across the icy tundra, dogs are not meant to spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter.


Dogs – and cats – can get hypothermia, which is low body temperature, or frostbite. Short walks are okay, but prolonged outdoor time can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs. Their ears and noses are very exposed, and the cold wind can really do damage.

Keep Your Pets’ Paws Clean!

Cleaning your dog’s paws in the winter is an important step as well. The ground is covered, not only with ice and snow, but with salt – to make the roads drivable – and with chemicals like de-icers and antifreeze, which can be very toxic if licked off the paws. Wipe down her paws any time she goes outside, and check those paws for cuts and scrapes to make sure none of those chemicals are seeping into the skin. Keeping the hair between the toes trimmed and short can keep ice from building up between those toes, too.

Cincinnati Heating – Keeping Your Pets Comfortable Too!

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