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Elon Musk’s Tesla Team Inventing New HVAC Solutions

tesla hvac effeciency

This month, a new application appeared at the U.S. Patent Office. Its intriguing title? “Thermal System with High Aspect Ratio Vent”

And while that title may not spark your eyebrows to raise, and certainly stirred up some waves for those of us who work on HVAC in Cincinnati. What is this new vent? How does it improve efficiency?

As it turns out, this patent application came from Tesla in northern California. The innovative car company, trading with a current market capitalization of over 55 billion dollars, is under the stewardship of celebrity CEO Elon Musk. And the vent, as this video explains, works from a single blower in the dashboard:

By varying the amount air coming out of the plenums on the dash, this system creates two planes of air. There are motorized vanes on the side, which help the air circulate without cluttering up the dashboard’s design. And while home HVAC in Cincinnati has very different needs than a Model 3 Tesla, it is nonetheless thought-provoking to observe new breakthroughs in the HVAC field.

Tesla’s inventors wrote on the patent application that the high-aspect ratio vent was engineered to enable better distribution of air, but also to avoid disrupting the “uniform design” of the Model 3’s interior.

In most current cars, the HVAC vents have a low aspect ratio – that is, their height is roughly similar to their width. If you think of your own car’s HVAC panel, it is likely rectangular, but approximately square. This new design is mainly lateral – an elongated rectangle that is much more wide than it is tall.

The effect is that a smaller vent system makes for a tighter, more compact dash. By having two planes of air, the car requires fewer vents, and the HVAC system requires less space.

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