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Why It Is Smart To Have A Newer Furnace

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Furnaces tend to last between 15 and 20 years, and given recent advancements in heating tech, the newer furnaces burn much more cleanly and efficiently.

Not only is this good for the environment – less fluoro-carbons, and less energy required for heating – but it is smart for your pocketbook. Monthly gas and electric bills can quietly add up, and a one-time “capital improvement” investment in a great new furnace can bring down your monthly utilities bills dramatically.

Improved Furnace Efficiency

According to this Time magazine article today’s average furnace is about 80% efficient. This means that 20% of the fuel energy goes up the chimney, and not into heating the home. New furnaces, however, can be up to 98.5% efficient. Losing less than two percent of your fuel energy is a noticeable step up.

Along with a more efficient furnace, it is a wise investment to upgrade or update your insulation. If you have an energy audit done on your home, the inspector may discover that much of your heating energy is getting lost in the ducts, or in the attic. Crawlspaces and basements can suck up a lot of your heated air, too, and could cause a substantial amount of this energy to leach out of your house altogether.

Moving From Gas Furnaces To Electric Furnaces?

A gas-powered heating system may be what you have now, but many professionals are advocating for the switch over to electric heating. This Canadian energy analyst, Dylan Heerema, writes about the benefits of electrification.

Among his many reasons for transitioning from gas, Heerema addresses the reduction in carbon pollution that such a move can create.

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