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Finding a high-quality HVAC Repair company in Cincinnati will help ensure your home is ready for the winter season that is upon us. Pinnacle Air Solutions is a reputable heating company servicing all makes and models. We have years of experience in repairing and replacing gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps and Air Conditioning units to their peak operating conditions while reducing fuel costs. We know that efficient and proper heat is important for the comfort of your family.

Our expert furnace repair service includes working with the critical parts of the heating system. Often, our technicians find that minor problems can cause a furnace to operate inefficiently, or not at all. And when your heating goes out in the middle of a very cold winter – well, that’s just about the worst. For example, wiring can become loose, cracked or split. Wire connectors can corrode resulting in a failed electrical connection. Blower fan motor belts can become loose. These are just some of the minor problems that can take place over time with a neglected furnace. Our technicians are also very experienced in servicing more difficult problems that affect the comfort level of your home and the safety of the occupants.

Among some furnace problems that Pinnacle Air Solutions may fix in your Cincinnati area home include cleaning dirty burners, replacing cracked burners, adjusting the burner flame if it is not a blue color, replacing a leaking heat exchanger if it is creating carbon monoxide, ensuring that the fan control is properly set in order to maximize comfort, replacing the fan motor and adjusting the belt tensions to ensure that heat is correctly distributed to the living area.

HVAC Repair in Cincinnati by Pinnacle Air Solutions includes even some of the smaller, yet very important fixes, like resetting or upgrading your thermostat. The technology of thermostats has advanced and thermostats now include multiple settings for various times of the day to accommodate extended absences.

Pinnacle Air Solutions’ objective is to provide the best HVAC service, promptly, and at an affordable cost. Your home’s comfort level is our major concern, and we have the skilled and experienced technicians to ensure we deliver on this commitment.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Pinnacle Air Solutions today at 513.984.HEAT (4328).

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