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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: Why The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Is Important To You

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The term Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is an important term for every homeowner to know when they are thinking about purchasing a new central air conditioning system, or when they are evaluating the effectiveness of their current system. The standard SEER rating for all new air conditioning systems installed today is 13 which means that these systems are 30 percent more efficient than the previous 10 SEER standard systems The designation of 13 SEER is an expression of the relative efficiency of one system over another system.

Looking at the energy savings over 25 years, the 13 SEER air conditioning system is expected to save 4.2 quads (quadrillion British Thermal Units) of energy. Applying these savings to everyday life, it is equivalent to the energy consumed by 26 million American households yearly. The good news doesn’t stop here; this SEER standard is estimated to save consumers $1 billion while it is helping to improve our environment.

SEER Savings

Let’s look at the savings achieved by a Florida homeowner who installs a 16 SEER system. While the financial savings is significant over the lifespan of the system, equally important is the prevention of almost 30,000 pounds of Green House Gases being put into the environment each year. It is also equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road every year.

While the efficiency of an air conditioning system is expressed in the SEER ratio, homeowners should recognize that the correct SEER rating is different for every home. Our technicians can assess your Cincinnati home’s cooling requirements and recommend the proper SEER rating for your new system. SEER ratings can range from 13 to 24. The higher number does indicate greater efficiency, but a high number is not always the best rating for your home. A higher than appropriate rating will have an adverse effect on cooling your home.

It is important that the SEER rating for a new system be the right rating. Our Cincinnati Air HVAC technicians can help you avoid the common mistake of assuming that bigger is better. Contact us today for Cincinnati cooling solutions!

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