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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: A Hidden Air Conditioning Problem

ductwork in cincinnati home

Older homes have duct work that can lower the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and the homeowner does not realize that this is happening. After the home’s air conditioning system is serviced and thoroughly inspected for problems, the homeowner assumes that the system should be cooling the home at peak levels of efficiency. However, the home is not as cool as the thermostat indicates it should be, or one room seems always to be warm when the other rooms are cool. The likely suspect is faulty duct work which allows air to escape into the attic, the basement or even behind the walls.

Newer homes and older homes may have duct work that was not properly sealed. This condition most frequently occurs where two pieces of the metal duct work are joined together. The duct work can become separated at these seams which will cause air to escape, or the duct work may not have been installed correctly. Over time, duct work can become separated due to even the slightest movement of the home’s structure or by the vibrations from the blower motor.

As an Aeroseal dealer, The Pinnacle Air Solutions HVAC technicians here in Cincinnati are trained to find and seal air leaks in ductwork to make the most efficient repairs possible. Let’s discuss how our technicians will look for leaks. The process begins with turning the air conditioning system on and testing the air flow at each vent. If a significantly less amount of air is coming from one vent, then we will find out why. A likely culprit is the diversion of the air flow before it reaches the vent. Our technicians will examine the ducts to find leaks. If each vent is releasing less than the expected air flow, then we will examine the main duct supply for leaks.

Finding leaks is one-half of the problem; fixing them is the other half. The term “duct tape” has become part of the handy homeowner’s vocabulary. It has many uses, but sealing duct work is not one of them. Why? Duct tape will not stick to galvanize metal, and it will not provide an adequate seal. In fact, it will not provide any kind of seal.

Our technicians have the proper materials that are guaranteed to provide a lasting seal for many years. These materials will provide a significant increase in the energy efficiency level of your home’s air conditioning system.

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