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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: The Benefits of Geothermal vs. The Traditional AC

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Geothermal Cooling Here In Cincinnati

Using a geothermal system to cool your home offers many advantages and benefits over the traditional cooling systems. The list of benefits includes the highest-efficiency cool air source system available anywhere. The geothermal systems, unlike the traditional systems, use no fuel, and they will be three to four times more efficient than any other cooling system. These systems can save energy of between 40 to 70 percent yearly.

The geothermal systems work with an inside unit that is connected to an in-ground loop system that uses the steady air temperature of the ground deep in the earth. Unlike the traditional cooling systems, the geothermal system can easily cool your home because the cold air it uses to cool your home is always 55 degrees. The geothermal system does not use outside air; instead, it takes the hot air from the home and exchanges it for the cold air in the ground.

Geothermal systems are more durable than the traditional cooling systems, and the geothermal systems are effective for 50 years vs. about 8 years for a traditional cooling system. Many scientists believe that geothermal systems can last as long as 100 years. The geothermal system requires no maintenance or negligible maintenance. The geothermal systems also have a much longer guarantee, often 25 years or more.

The work of the geothermal systems is accomplished by durable pipes laid in the earth, so there is no outside unit to see or that will make noise. Since the geothermal systems have no parts outside of the home, there is no wear and tear on an outdoor motor or condenser. Leaves, dirt and other debris cannot get into the outdoor equipment housing.

Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy for air conditioning, and there is no pollution caused by a geothermal system. Having an environmentally efficient home is making an important contribution to our air quality. Geothermal systems require less electrical power, which means that the power plants will generate fewer emission particles to be released into the air.

Another benefit for the environment is the heat extracted from your home by a geothermal system is not put back into the hot outside air. This is certain to help the atmosphere.

The bottom line with using a geothermal system is you can save money, enjoy a quiet cooling system with less maintenance while helping our environment.

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