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Benefits of Geothermal – Cincinnati Geothermal Tips

Geothermal Pinnacle Air Solutions

Benefiting from Geothermal Technology

There are different types of systems for Cooling and Heating interiors of homes, offices, buildings and industrial places. Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems have emerged as the most efficient and cost effective way to heat and cool room interiors. There are many benefits of geothermal energy for HVAC systems.

Lower Operating Costs

While the initial cost of installing a Geothermal Energy System is high, the savings are realized in the long term due to lower operating costs. This type of system operates more efficiently compared to other heating and air conditioning systems that run on electricity, fuel or any other energy source. A geothermal energy HVAC system can help save up to 70% in heating and cooling costs.

Better Level of Comfort

Geothermal HVAC system distributes cool or hot air evenly across all parts of the rooms. There is no problem of hot or cold spots. It provides better comfort at less cost and higher energy efficiency. It performs better than gas furnace, heat pump and air conditioner.

Lower Maintenance

The cost of AC maintenance can be high. All types of heating and cooling devices like HVAC and AC require regular maintenance. While geothermal systems also need some maintenance, it is not as extensive, frequent and expensive compared to more traditional systems.

Quiet Operation

Appliances like air conditioners, heat pumps and other heating or cooling devices can be noisy. Such an appliance placed outside the home can disturb neighbors due to the noise. Geothermal heating and cooling systems have less noisy fans and a compressor that operates more softly and efficiently.

Eco Friendly System

The benefit of geothermal HVAC is that there is no pollution. This system mostly relies on renewable source of energy. The earth temperature a below the ground remains constant. This underground even temperature condition is used with great effect to heat or cool rooms efficiently and economically. There is no release of harmful fumes, gases and toxic substances into the environment.

Due to these benefits, more and more homeowners are now installing geothermal heating and cooling HVAC systems.

Pinnacle Air Solutions provides Geothermal Energy Solutions to both Commercial and Residential customers in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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