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family in cool air conditioning

Cool Question: Is Air Conditioning A Human Right?

In the 1960s, the South experienced an economic boom. A big part of this boom, it is argued, was due to the invention and rapid spread of air conditioning. Parts of the South that were miserable during the summer were now comfortably inhabitable. Businesses flourished.

older air conditioner using r22 freon

Good Samaritans Bring Air Conditioning to Those Who Need It

Air conditioning is a fundamental good. It brings joy, and relief, and great comfort.  We provide air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, but those of us who work in the field of air conditioning are related. We all serve a similar purpose.   Recently, in Annapolis, Maryland, a

hvac in cincinnati - air conditioning

When You Should Get Help With Your Air Conditioning

When you have been doing air conditioning repair in Cincinnati for as long as we have, you begin to notice certain trends and tell-tale signs. You also know what the breaking points are for peoples’ AC units, and what the indicator signs are that repair is needed. 

cat on a roof

Cat on a Moderately Cooled Roof – Updating A Classic

You may have seen Mallory Ortberg’s recent piece of satire in the New Yorker magazine — it imagines the steamy, passionate plays of Tennessee Williams, but with a different setting. Where Williams’ plays feature scenes of uncomfortable heat fueling anger, passion, combative family drama, and excessive

3d printer air conditioners

Will The Next Air Conditioners Be Made By 3D Printers?

Cincinnati has always had a strong manufacturing base, and we at Pinnacle Air Solutions want to do everything we can to help support new manufacturing work. For Cincinnati companies interested in the HVAC and air conditioning fields, there may be new opportunities. The manufacturing sector

air conditioning fan

AC Installation Options In Cincinnati To Cool Your Home

Are you living in Cincinnati and need an air-conditioning unit installed? Here are some basics about AC, and what you may consider. Options For Air Conditioning In Your Home Window AC Unit: A window unit may be your most affordable option, and we can install

older air conditioner using r22 freon

R22, and Older Air Conditioners

Many air conditioners will soon be obsolete and unserviceable. Within the next few years, you will not be able to buy the type of Freon known as R22, which was once used to keep air conditioners cool. The United States’s Environmental Protection Agency has decreed

air conditioned camping cooler

Cool Air, Cold Beers with Hot Weather

We here at Pinnacle’s Cincinnati headquarters are always on the lookout for ways in which air conditioning works its way into new situations. After all, these summer days are really calling for coolness, and quality AC can manifest itself in a number of ways. We

storms affecting a home's hvac

Cincinnati Storms And How It Affects Your HVAC

Here in Cincinnati, we always need to be on the lookout for storms. Tornadoes are a common occurrence in the Ohio River valley, and they can sweep through the Tri-State with relatively little warning. In elementary school, we learned how to protect ourselves: by going

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