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Will The Next Air Conditioners Be Made By 3D Printers?

3d printer air conditioners

Cincinnati has always had a strong manufacturing base, and we at Pinnacle Air Solutions want to do everything we can to help support new manufacturing work. For Cincinnati companies interested in the HVAC and air conditioning fields, there may be new opportunities.

The manufacturing sector is in the midst of a revolution, as 3D printing becomes more mainstream. These innovations may be especially useful for HVAC companies in the Cincinnati Tri-State area.

In the not-too-distant future, the parts that make up our HVAC systems may be created by 3D printers. HVAC is especially welcoming for 3D printing, as seamlessness would improve the efficiency of cooling units. Seams and corners in traditional AC units are often where energy is lost in the cooling process.

To assist with this period of industry transformation, the US government has a tax credit for research and development. The Federal R&D Tax Credit can allow a credit of up to 13 percent for work to improve products and implement new processes. Companies that build HVAC components can begin investing more heavily in 3D printing, as they are now eligible for both state and federal tax credits.

Chloe Margulis and Madison Khazzam wrote about this shift in HVAC manufacturing, and how this news may impact new HVAC components.

“3D printed products are made without seams, and with more durable materials,” according to Margulis and Khazzam. “This would be beneficial for the HVAC industry, since 3D printed units can potentially prevent leakages and produce higher quality, longer life systems.”

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