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baby staying warm with repaired furnace

When Childbirth and Furnace Repair Happen at the Same Time

Working in Cincinnati, on all  things HVAC, we love seeing stories like this one. Earlier this year, a young couple in Willmar, Minnesota was faced with a dilemma. Jesse and Maria Hulscher found themselves facing a very difficult situation. It was February, and a huge

gas furnace burners

HVAC Malfunction Fills an Ohio Strip Club with Smoke

Working heating and air conditioning components regularly, we do our best to be aware of all local news pertaining to heating and air conditioning, whether these stories occur at residences or commercial spaces. Therefore, this story crossed our radar: Franklin is a small town in

dirty furnace ready for maintenance

Hay Fever, Allergies, and Your Furnace

It is a classic question about furnace repair. If there are no plants in bloom, and no pollen floating about, then why are your allergies going crazy? Aside from the simple fact that you’re breathing Cincinnati air? It could be your furnace. Your heating ducts

wifi thermostat deals

The Benefits of a Wifi Thermostat

You have likely heard a great deal about Wifi Thermostats in the past few years – also referred to as Internet Thermostats, or Smart Thermostats. As a Cincinnati resident, why might one of these thermostats be of use to you? There are a few big benefits:

cash found in furnace

A Furnace Repair Leads to a Discovery of Cash Money

Furnace replacement and repair can be unexpectedly lucrative! Colony Heating and Air Conditioning is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and one of their service technicians is a young man named Nate Martz. During a visit to a client house’s last month for a routine furnace

furnace issues after hurricane

Furnace Concerns After A Hurricane

Cincinnati furnace repair, thankfully, does not generally involve the needs one has after a hurricane. Given the ravages of Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, and Hurricane Maria, though, our colleagues to the southeast are dealing with a stunning number of repair cases. As winter approaches, what

tesla hvac effeciency

Elon Musk’s Tesla Team Inventing New HVAC Solutions

This month, a new application appeared at the U.S. Patent Office. Its intriguing title? “Thermal System with High Aspect Ratio Vent” And while that title may not spark your eyebrows to raise, and certainly stirred up some waves for those of us who work on

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