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Cat on a Moderately Cooled Roof – Updating A Classic

cat on a roof

You may have seen Mallory Ortberg’s recent piece of satire in the New Yorker magazine — it imagines the steamy, passionate plays of Tennessee Williams, but with a different setting. Where Williams’ plays feature scenes of uncomfortable heat fueling anger, passion, combative family drama, and excessive alcohol intake, Ortberg’s vision is of “Tennessee Williams with Air-Conditioning.” Everyone is polite, reasonable, and moderate in their consumption of ice tea. Controversial subjects are discussed calmly and rationally, and arguments are avoided.

A House With No AC

A house in Cincinnati without functioning air conditioning might provide the setting for one of those Glass Menagerie-type fights – miserable relatives in a nasty swelter, having difficulty breathing due to the humid weight of the air.

Wouldn’t you rather sip on an ice tea in moderate, comfortable 72 degrees indoors? And prevent your family from throwing cutlery, flatware, and lamps?

Cincinnati Geothermal and Air Conditioning Repair

Finding reputable air conditioning repair companies in Cincinnati is no easy feat, but you need not look any further. Here at Pinnacle Air Solutions, we can ensure that your home maintains its level-headed chill. We can’t ensure that conversations are all civil, but at the very least we can keep your air conditioner running smoothly. For any geothermal repair in Cincinnati, or air conditioning repair, we would love the chance to help you.

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