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A Furnace Repair Leads to a Discovery of Cash Money

cash found in furnace

Furnace replacement and repair can be unexpectedly lucrative!

Colony Heating and Air Conditioning is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and one of their service technicians is a young man named Nate Martz.

During a visit to a client house’s last month for a routine furnace repair, Martz stumbled upon a bit of a bonus. In the furnace itself, he discovered more than $10,000 in cash. That would be 100 bills of $100 each, or if it were in $20 form, that would be 500 bills at $20 each.

He returned the money to the customer, and his bosses at Colony Heating and Air Conditioning gave Martz a $100 bonus. Stumbling upon heaps of cash is not something that often happens in the field of furnace replacement, but now we say that at least there is precedent for it.

We congratulate Nate Martz on his valor and honesty, and congratulate our colleagues at Colony Heating and Air Conditioning for hiring a quality team.

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