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Do People in Cincinnati Use Inverter Air Conditioners?

What Are Inverter Air Conditioners?

We hear a lot of questions about inverter air conditioners in Cincinnati, and hoped to address some of your queries here.

Traditional AC Systems

Traditional air conditioning systems are fixed-speed air conditioning, or non-inverter. These systems have a fixed speed, and provide a fixed amount of power. To keep the room temperature at a certain consistent point, the compressor has to stop and start. Since the compressor is a fixed speed, the only way to adjust its impact is to have the compressor be fully on or completely off.

Inverter AC Systems

With inverter air conditioning, the compressor can work at different speeds. This prevents voltage peaks, and means that the system may not need to shut off, but instead can ratchet down to a lower speed to achieve the precise temperature requested.

As the inverter air conditioning unit approaches the desired, requested air temperature, the compressor slows down, and it eases toward that temperature.

These inverter air conditioners use less power, and are often considerably quieter than their fixed-speed counterparts. Inverter-based systems often arrive at the desired air temperature much faster than a fixed-speed AC unit would, too.

Granted, these newer inverter air conditioners are more expensive. It is a relatively new technology, and not fully implemented. The price point has yet to come down. But if you run your air conditioned throughout much of the year, the savings in energy bills may be enough to warrant an investment in an inverter AC unit.

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