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A new central AC unit can save you money! Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips.

Whether your current central AC unit is not working or you simply want to upgrade your system, installing a new AC unit can offer several benefits. The major benefit of replacing your older air conditioner with a new one is improved efficiency and lower energy spending during the hot summer months – especially in the midwest here in the Cincinnati Ohio area, where temperatures are routinely in the mid to upper 80’s and include lots of humidity!

New central AC units are more efficient and can save you money!

Newer air conditioning units are more efficient than older ones thanks to the unending advancement in technology over the years. Upgrading your air conditioning system to a newer model can improve the cooling efficiency of your home by up to 40 percent.

Improved cooling efficiency directly translates to lower utility bills since your air conditioning unit will convert most of the input energy into cool air without much energy wastage. Moreover, most of the latest high efficiency air conditioners have higher SEER values (over 17), making their operation less costly than older units which normally have lower SEER ratings (less than 15). Moreover, the money you spend on installing your new AC unit can be recovered in the form of lower energy spending. Pinnacle Air Solutions offers high quality AC units in the Cincinnati Ohio area, manufactured by Bryant and other well known companies.

Another reason to replace your AC system is to avoid the expense and inconvenience of frequent repairs. If your air conditioner is prone to frequent breakdowns, putting the money you may spend on the next repair service toward a newer unit could be more cost effective.

Schedule an AC inspection with Pinnacle Air Solutions today to determine if you can benefit from a new AC unit that is more efficient for your home. Pinnacle will help you choose the best system for your house. Once the system has been installed, we offer regular AC maintenance services to keep your new system in good working condition and so you can continue to enjoy its money saving benefits.

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