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Cincinnati AC Tips: Air Conditioning at your Rental Property

If you have renters, it is important to know about Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati. Having ready access to HVAC maintenance can make you a more responsive and more considerate landlord, and can keep your tenants happy. AC Maintenance Companies in Cincinnati are in demand, due to the city’s sweltering heat in the summer months.

Cincinnati Air Conditioning And Rental Properties

There are some legal issues to consider. As a landlord or an owner of rental property, you are legally required to provide hot water, heating, and locking doors. Providing air conditioning, however, is often not required in state law, and only sometimes covered under local rental law.

One caveat, though: if the AC worked when your tenants moved in, you need to keep it working. Maintaining an air conditioner that you have already installed in a rental property falls under contact law rather than rental law. If you do not maintain an air conditioning system that was in place when your tenant moved in, you can be in breach of contract, which could result in rent reductions or other penalties.

Replacing your existing HVAC system may be more cost-efficient than repair in the long run, depending on the circumstances of the particular building in question.

Finding a reputable air conditional repair company in Cincinnati is a great step toward keeping your tenants cool and satisfied. We at Pinnacle Air Solutions are always happy to be on call for you, and can help answer any questions you may have about maintenance or HVAC replacement at any of your properties.

To find out more about Air Conditioning Maintenance and AC repair in Cincinnati Ohio, fill out the contact form below or call the HVAC professionals from Pinnacle Air Solutions at 513.984.HEAT (4328).

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