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When Childbirth and Furnace Repair Happen at the Same Time

baby staying warm with repaired furnace

Working in Cincinnati, on all  things HVAC, we love seeing stories like this one. Earlier this year, a young couple in Willmar, Minnesota was faced with a dilemma. Jesse and Maria Hulscher found themselves facing a very difficult situation.

It was February, and a huge snow storm was expected. (Bear in mind that this is in Minnesota, where snow warnings are not to be taken lightly.)

The young couple and their two-year-old child were in the house, and Maria Fulscher had just given birth the day before. She was still in the hospital with their newborn baby.

Just as tension was mounting in the days leading up to the delivery, a furnace fan malfunctioned.

They know that their house could suffer freezing temperatures if it was not repaired. And Maria and the baby would be home from the hospital within a few days.

Jesse Fulscher called Magnuson Sheet Metal, a local business in Willmar, to come repair the furnace fan.

Craig Aurand from Magnuson showed up, fixed the furnace, and told Jesse Fulscher he would mail him an invoice. Crisis averted. The home heated up, and as we sometimes say in Cincinnati furnace repair, when the home heats up, everything gets easier.

After Magnuson Sheet Metal sent the invoice, the Fulschers found it in the mail, but were surprised to read the invoice description:

“Repair furnace. Clean burners and pilot assembly. NO CHARGE. Take care of the new baby. – Craig”

It warms the house, and it warms the heart.

For any of your Cincinnati furnace repair needs, please give us Pinnacle Air Systems a call at 513-984-HEAT (4328). We would be happy to get your home heating working perfectly.

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