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Cincinnati Air Conditioning: How to be Most Efficient

Our customers often ask us, “What is the most efficient way to use my air conditioner?” In Cincinnati, given our rapid temperature shifts and high humidity, making the most of your home cooling system is key.

Old Drafty Windows? Cover Them Up

One of the biggest ways to help your cause is to covering your windows. Blocking sunlight as it comes in, either with dark curtains or other window coverings, will reduce the amount of incoming heat during the day. Blackout curtains in bedrooms, while assisting with summer heat reduction, have the added benefit of giving a better night’s sleep. For some people, even a tiny amount of ambient light coming in can disrupt sleep, and a pitch-black dark room leads to a more comfortable and rejuvenating night’s rest.

Change The AC Setting On Your Thermostat

Raising your AC unit’s set point while you’re sleeping or away from home can also dramatically reduce your energy bills. With many programmable thermostats, you can pre-set these shifts. If you leave for work at 7:30 a.m., you can pre-set the thermostat to change temperature right as you walk out the door. Giving yourself one less thing to remember in the morning is often a smart call.

Turn Off Exhaust Fans

You can boost your AC unit’s efficiency by turning off exhaust fans, too. Those exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen can raise your home’s temperature if you leave them on. Flipping them off within 20 minutes of bathing or cooking will help. That way, you can prevent those fans from letting in outside air, which interferes with your cooling. Replacing your current exhaust fans with more efficient fans can help as well.

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