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Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: What Tax Write-offs are Available?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers incentives for homeowners to maximize their energy efficiency and have optimal air conditioning. Living in Cincinnati, there are several considerations to take into account when deciding what to do with a broken air conditioner. Given the humidity and climate

Cincinnati AC Tips: Air Conditioning at your Rental Property

If you have renters, it is important to know about Air Conditioning Repair in Cincinnati. Having ready access to HVAC maintenance can make you a more responsive and more considerate landlord, and can keep your tenants happy. AC Maintenance Companies in Cincinnati are in demand,

Cincinnati Air Conditioning Tips: How Many Zones in Your Home?

Keeping the entirety of your home comfortable in the summer can be challenging. Heat rises, and many of us sleep upstairs in multi-level homes. Quality HVAC in Cincinnati is crucial for comfort, but often these homes have wildly varying temperatures from room to room. Depending

Cincinnati AC Tips: Air Conditioner Inefficiency

While many air conditioning system problems can lower efficiency and increase your energy bill, one problem is the most frequent culprit. It is the evaporator coil which is housed in the system’s indoor unit, and it cools the indoor air as it flows over it.

Benefits of Hiring An Air Conditioning Repair Company

Air conditioning repair is a very important part of any regular household maintenance. Maintaining your air conditioner throughout its life will help ensure that you get more out of your Air Conditioning unit, while also improving its overall performance. The following article offers some brief

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Seasonal HVAC Maintenance For Your Furnace

The Benefits Of Seasonal HVAC Maintenance – It Is Time To Schedule The benefits of seasonal HVAC maintenance are numerous and more than the average homeowner could imagine. The benefits can be described in five categories: >HVAC system dependability >Early identification of broken or worn

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Time To Upgrade Your Thermostat?

The Benefits of Upgrading To A Newer Thermostat The benefits of upgrading to a newer thermostat are twofold. Newer thermostats are technically advanced programmable thermostats, and are not hard to program. Don’t be put off by the word “programmable.” Pinnacle Air Solutions sells a variety

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Cincinnati Heating Tips: Keep Costs Down During Winter

Tips To Keep Heating Costs Down In Winter Pinnacle Air Solutions of Cincinnati Ohio offers these proven heating tips to keep costs down this winter. Home heating requires a lot of energy, and many estimates place this expense at 50% of the total energy costs

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