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Why Spring HVAC Maintenance for Your Central AC is A Good idea

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Spring brings with it the tendency to clean our homes and get our lives in order. This is a great time to take care of your Cincinnati home’s air conditioning system, too.

The question for many is what type of maintenance they should do on their Air Conditioning. For others, there are questions as to why they should ignore the clutter in the living room in favor of spring HVAC maintenance.

What Should Be on Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Replace the Air Filters

Replacing the air filters should occur every 2-3 months depending on a few factors. A good reason to do it during the spring is that it is a good way to control the pollen in your home. This may reduce the asthma and allergy symptoms you’re dealing with. Depending on how much cleaning you do, you may want to replace the air filters afterward, too, since they’ll catch all the dirt, debris and pet dander your pets are shedding. In the spring, you can turn off the air conditioner while turning the fan onto max so that it can clean the air inside your home.

Replacing the air filters may make your home smell better, too. For example, if you smoke, those particles may get caught in the air filters. Never replace the air filters, and those smells will recirculate through your home. Dirty air filters trap condensate, too. This moisture plus the dirt and debris trapped in the filter are a natural breeding ground for mold. If you can’t get rid of that mildew smell no matter how well you clean the inside of your home, it may really be the air filters.

Clean the Air Conditioner Itself

One variation of this advice is cleaning the outside of the air conditioning unit. Remove any leaves and debris that have piled up around it. If the air conditioner has unobstructed air flow, it will work more efficiently. It won’t be straining to suck in air, something that burns out the motor. It won’t struggle to expel hot air. That could cause it to work longer and harder to cool down your home, something that takes months off its operating life.

The other variation of this advice is cleaning the AC coils themselves – and this is something you should leave to a professional HVAC company here in Cincinnati like Pinnacle Air Solutions. The coils can get dirty, especially if the filter is dirty or you live in a smoggy or dusty environment. You don’t dust it like you would your shelves. Instead, it should be cleaned with a gentle brush and appropriate cleaner. However, if there are bubbles forming on the coils, it may require additional service. The AC may have a coolant leak. With all the possible issues to run into, especially if your AC unite hasn’t been serviced in a while, you might as well let the reputable HVAC contractor clean the coils while they service the unit.

Have Your Annual Tune-Up

You want to have the HVAC system inspected by a professional HVAC tech annually so that problems can be resolved before you have a catastrophic failure. Let them replace the noisy compressor before you’re left without a working AC. Have them check the control board and motors, too. This is the easiest time to get someone in to repair anything that needs to be fixed. Let them fix that crack in the compressor before you run out of refrigerant and burn out a motor. They’ll verify that the thermostat is properly calibrated and the fans are running smoothly. They’ll make certain the safety features on the AC are working properly. HVAC repair companies such as Pinnacle Air Solutions will check your starting capacitors and wiring connectors so that you don’t find yourself wondering why the AC won’t come on.

One of the benefits of having this done in the spring is that you may not have to wait as long. The demand for HVAC repair companies is greatest when temperatures are broiling or freezing. This means you want to hire them when they aren’t in demand – in the spring or fall. You may not have to wait as long for parts due to sheer demand. Have your annual AC tune-up during the spring (and furnace in the fall) and you’ll know that you’re ready when temperatures start to heat up and cool down!

Get Your Air Conditioning Serviced By The Pros

A professional seasonal AC service includes quite a bit – the HVAC company can take care of some of the regular maintenance tasks most home owners don’t know how to do, as well. For example, they may clean out the AC condensate drains. This can become a breeding ground for mold. They may or may not inspect the duct work for leaks but checking the temperature differential will tell them and you if there is an air leak in the ducts that needs to be sealed. And you definitely want to take care of that before it drives up your summer electric bill. Contact Cincinnati’s Air Conditioning specialists at Pinnacle Air Solutions today to set up an appointment!

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