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the future of air conditioning

The Future Of Cool: Are Transparent AC Units Coming Soon?

As the adage goes, wonders never cease. In this case, the wonders are in the form of a bladeless air conditioner that does not obstruct the view through your video. Google, based in Mountain View, California, has just secured the patent on an air conditioner

hvac in cincinnati

Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Safe?

Thieves in Memphis, Tennessee stole nearly 500 air conditioners over six months, according to a report by WREG-TV. The robberies happened between January and July of 2016, and the majority of air conditioners were stolen between May and July. Cincinnati gets quite humid this time

cincinnati air conditioning

Will The World Be As Cool As Cincinnati?

Air Conditioning, AC Manufacturing, Electric and Other Parts Of The World Air conditioner is something we assume to be present in Cincinnati homes. With summer temperatures setting new records every year, having cooling airflow is essential. In other parts of the world, though, AC is

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

We know it, we love it. But just who invented the wonderfulness of air conditioning? The twentieth century had just begun. Willis Carrier, an engineer from snowy Angola, New York, had recently graduated from Cornell University. In his first few years in the work force,

A Guide to Maintaining Air Conditioning in Cincinnati

  Cincinnati Air Conditioning Will Be Needed Soon! It’s cold now…. but Cincinnati is about to get hot. Very hot. Summer is around the corner, and your air conditioner is limbering up, preparing for the long season of running and cooling and sucking humidity out

Do People in Cincinnati Use Inverter Air Conditioners?

What Are Inverter Air Conditioners? We hear a lot of questions about inverter air conditioners in Cincinnati, and hoped to address some of your queries here. Traditional AC Systems Traditional air conditioning systems are fixed-speed air conditioning, or non-inverter. These systems have a fixed speed,

Yearly Upkeep for Cincinnati Air Conditioners

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And a visit a year keeps your air conditioner clear. Yearly Cincinnati Air Conditioning Service Having a professional HVAC consultant visit your home once a year for air conditioning maintenance repairs is a smart move. Here in

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